Sebastian Arnezeder

Entrepreneur. Investor. Traveller.


2010 - Present

Online Marketing

Sebastian has several homepages that rank first in important keywords on Google through his years of marketing and search engine experience (SEO). So several communities developed in different niches, which still have a massive influence on Sebastian’s other projects.

2010 - Present

Filmmaker and Director

In his early days Sebastian worked as a cameraman and director. In film and television, he was able to gather experience as a leading actor for commercials in front of the camera.

2013 - Present

University of Economics and Business

Sebastian Arnezeder studies at the University of Economics and Business of Vienna (WU).


Österreichischer Rundfunk – ORF1

Journalist for ZiB 20, ZiB Flash and ZiB Magazin

About Me

From business education in combination with social media, marketing and video production, MediaPromotions emerged as the main project, which summarized all core competencies and was able to surpass many goals within a short time. After several successfull years white object gmbh was founded as the new main company for new projects and investments.


2022 - Present
2020 - Present
2019 - Present

For a few years now, we have maintained our projects at a consistent level. Nevertheless we discover and develop innovative new products and work with our network of distributors to offer these exciting products to new markets.

2019 - Present
2015 - Present

Social Media and Advertising Agency

2010 - 2019

Movies, Spots and Modelling

„Merkur“ Spot – Main Actor

„Lautlos“ Motion Pictures – Director

„Gewissenlos“ Shortmovie – Director

„Guilty“ Shortmovie – Director

„ÖBB Sommerticket“ Spot – Main Actor

„VERBUND“ – Print Advertising Campaign

2019 - Present
2017 - Present
2017 - 2019 (EXIT/SOLD)
2017 - 2019 (EXIT/SOLD)

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